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I . I . I . I . I . I . I Frequently, there is some noise interference in the background that might cause you to mishear one of the numbers in the passage. So you have to listen more carefully and check carefully what you hear. You could, perhaps, use your physical senses to make sure that you do not miss any sounds. For example, in the coffee shop, you might take a look at the menu and decide not to buy anything because you cannot read the words. Reading too is very important. You need to read the passages, re-read them, and be sure that you have read the passage correctly. Then, you can start answering the questions about the passage. About the passage, you may notice that you do not know all the answers to the questions, but you have a clue about what they are. If you have an idea, but there is not enough information to be sure, you can guess. You can guess about the parts of the passage that you do not understand, and when you feel that you understand the passage, you can use your information to answer the questions. You may even find out that you understand the whole passage and, therefore, all the questions. This is not a good choice. If you understand the passage, then you are probably right about all the answers. It would be a waste of time to guess when you know that you know. So, the best choice for the high-scorers is to listen carefully, read carefully, and then guess. The example that follows should give you some practice on the subject of numbers. Sometimes, what you hear may not be numbers, but the name of a person. The IELTS Listening Module asks you to give the name of the person, so it is important for you to hear the name correctly. You need to be alert and to listen carefully. You can use your physical senses, like your eyes and ears, to make sure that you hear and see what you should. You will practise a few questions, so that you can get some practice on the IELTS Listening Module questions. When you practise, you should always use the questions that are similar to the questions on the IELTS Listening Module. You should not try to answer the questions in one go. You should listen, then read the passage, then re-read it and then try to guess what you are supposed to



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Barron S Ielts Superpack Pdf Download fellav
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