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Mara Fix For Eset 9 942 oneimog




2379 Ok. how can i change the default media player for thunar? for movie files, i usually just use VLC how can i change that? there should be a settings/options somewhere, otherwise system-wide file associations moppy: i cant find it |ns|nR: You might want to try to rms Debian. adrian15, I've seen what it is like. I just think it's bad just to put some suggestions into the distro, but it's just for the users' to decide pilif12p, found it on my 13.10 system - mplay moppy: awesome. what's the command? but ok, maybe I'll reinstall it again later and see what will happen. pilif12p, I guess it's in the menu/settings somewhere. in mplay it's called File associations moppy: i'm on 12.04 and it's not in that menu moppy: i just cant figure out where its on here moppy: can i change it without rebooting? pilif12p, i'm not sure i've never looked, or used gnome moppy: gnome is awesome pilif12p, i guess you could use'sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser' pilif12p, or that - im not sure that will even work for mplayer moppy: yeah, that didnt work i tried'mplayer /path/to/movie' and nothing happend and it seems to have installed my old file associations moppy: oh wait moppy: i wasnt trying to open it with the movie, i was just trying to open the movie file




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Mara Fix For Eset 9 942 oneimog
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